giovedì 25 settembre 2014

Look 387 My love

My love and my touch
Up above, playing with the one from mine
My love and my touch
Up above, playing with the one from mine
My love and my touch
Up above, playing with the one from mine
My love and my touch
Up above, playing with the one from mine

lunedì 4 agosto 2014

386 I'ts magic summer time ♥

A big thanks to Stephan Lanfier i love your skin :O
So this is my last post for the summer, i need relax :D
I hope u like my pictures.
Good Summer to all!

lunedì 28 luglio 2014

Number 385 Magic Summer $

 This post has been created to start a wonderful summer, thank you to all my friends / creators, to have had patience, 
I am aware of the possible delay in posting creations, but unfortunately real life is first and foremost. 
There are many new features. Starting from the big kal rau, as always amazes me with his creations, and ending with the comfortable semi elegant shoes, branded FLITE. 
Thanks for everything, 
Good shopping. 

Hoodie: <kal rau> Vest Hoodie New!

Shoes: Flite masters New!

martedì 1 luglio 2014

Look Number 384 - 4 days and i will with you ♥

My Personal Elycopter, i need you.
Why? for fly to my love :)
Summer welcome, this is not summertime sadness.
But it s Happyness Time for Love.
Ok my Friends Look this post,
and enjoy it.

Piercing: ...::: Scrub :::... Desperate Piercing M  Thank u Ramon Jonestone!

Martin Garrix - Helicopter

giovedì 12 giugno 2014

Unique 383 : Revolution

 I got a love that keeps on fighting It keeps on I got a heart that keeps on trying It keeps on We got this planet it keeps evolving It keeps on Even when our hope is broken We keep on Keep on There’s so much for us to prove So keep on There’s so much for us to do Cause we could start revolution 
You make So start revolution
 Just and me Start revolution 
People Start revolution
Patty & NikuZ 

Nikuz Outfit:

Skin: Crazy Style Matthias Tan New Release!

HatFLite. -Lux Strapback Black New Release!

SunglassesM O N N I E R - Sunglasses Fresh Unisex Ony 55L Fi Friday Event New Release!

Short PantsSpirit Store - Maxim shorts [BLACK] Unisex New Release!

Jacket<kal rau> Vest Collection M2 New Release!

ShoesFLite. -Skyhigh Megapack New Release!

Patty Blog Here


martedì 10 giugno 2014

I'm Back - Look Number 382

Hello People, I'm back, Sorry i was at working in Real Life.
I'm back but little time.
I can Make 2 pictures at week
I hope u like my job!
New Skin for Men - Thanks Clef De Peu
New Outfit Summer Collections
For more info see Details
Thank You ♥

lunedì 21 aprile 2014

Hello Happy Easter...

Hello My Friends, I wish you have great happy Easter, and my blog is closed, i will open it 1st June
Sorry for my Mistake, But My Real Life is so hard, i need to work a lot.
I Hope u can Waiting me....
In this case you can not wait, please unsubscribe. Unfortunately, it is the second notice that I send .. I only hope that you are aware of. 
Good Continuation.