giovedì 12 giugno 2014

Unique 383 : Revolution

 I got a love that keeps on fighting It keeps on I got a heart that keeps on trying It keeps on We got this planet it keeps evolving It keeps on Even when our hope is broken We keep on Keep on There’s so much for us to prove So keep on There’s so much for us to do Cause we could start revolution 
You make So start revolution
 Just and me Start revolution 
People Start revolution
Patty & NikuZ 

Nikuz Outfit:

Skin: Crazy Style Matthias Tan New Release!

HatFLite. -Lux Strapback Black New Release!

SunglassesM O N N I E R - Sunglasses Fresh Unisex Ony 55L Fi Friday Event New Release!

Short PantsSpirit Store - Maxim shorts [BLACK] Unisex New Release!

Jacket<kal rau> Vest Collection M2 New Release!

ShoesFLite. -Skyhigh Megapack New Release!

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