venerdì 27 luglio 2012

Look :157 Kal Rau PoST

This is a special Post number "157" Title of this post is : KAL RAU!
Three diffent outfit, last releases from Kal Rau, sura fantastic and only Mesh!
Three different Jeans: Clear, Violet and Yellow!!!
You can see other colour into store!
Two mode of shirt, Red and Blue but...
There is a Hud that can choice more differents textures of T-Shirt. Lovely!
Thank you Kal Rau For this magnific Jewell.
To finish High Quality of Shoes in SL of Energie!
Go To Store Guys, and good buy!

Jacket + Shirt (with more textures of Shirt): <kal rau> Plaid Shirt M4_BLUE and RED "RELEASE"                                                        

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