mercoledì 18 luglio 2012

Look: 150 Egoisme, Colors Hair and Akeruka Skin!

This is Post Number 150! New Releases for Egoisme and Colors!
Starting with a fabulous leather jacket, black, with a high quality texture but especially MESH! Then Jeans with a variety of colors, left leg shows a black that blends with the gray, while the right leg, a black with yellow gold! Behind your back you can see a fabulous machine gun, M4A1.
While such as hair, you can view the latest release of COLORS. Hair coming down sideways promoting good vision of the face!
Finally I wanted to post the first skin Akeurka​​! In my blog post is an honor to his skin. Congratulations Akeruka, you'll see other posts in the future with your creations, stay for sure!
Go and buy it! They are excellent designers and connoisseurs of textures!

Skin: AKERUKA Kal V2 skin Shaved Nat
Jacket: Egoisme Jacket - Black Nylon
Jeans: Egoisme-EGO -  Brocade Jeans - XXSmall
Hair: [COLORS] 58 JetBlack
Gun: Egoisme - M4A1 SpecialForces (this item is into Egoisme Z-Hunter outfit, search in ego store)

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