domenica 14 luglio 2013

Look 307: 3 is magic Number!!!

Many big brands are there in these photos, I have to tell you the truth I'm really happy to have made these beautiful photos with you two special women! Helendar & Neda, Thank you for everything! I adore you! As for the professional look, Belleza new skin! Nytro entered my blog and here's the new shirt dear!
Atro patena continues to amaze with his creations of hair!
And then look at women! What style and elegance. I would also have other brands mentioned here, if you can. I thank you all!
 I hope you both enjoy it!
Special Thanks For Clementina Criss For Your Great Store and Work!!! Retro'

On Neda (left) ♥: 
SUNGLASSES - Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses (mesh)

On Helendar (right):

Me :*

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